High Voltage Energy Storage

voltage classes

range from a few hundred volts (V) to thousands of volts

security requirement

higher safety requirements for their design, installation and operation

energy efficiency

the energy loss is low, the energy conversion efficiency is high

application area

for home grid energy storage and electric vehicle charging

H Battery Controller

H1 Battery Module

H1 Base&Cluster bridge

Stackable and scalable

with up to 12 modules, homeowners can quickly increase energy storage capacity at any time


IP65 rated, dustproof and waterproof, suitable for various environments

Energy Sustainability

When the power goes out, the stored energy is used to power the home

Battery Management System

With the Voltsmile app, you can monitor your home’s power generation and usage in real time. Set preferences to optimize energy self-sufficiency, power outage protection, and energy savings. With instant reminders and remote access, you can control your system anytime, anywhere.

M Three Phase Inverter

The perfect pair for the H Series

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