Support the energy transition and reduce carbon emissions

We focus on developing and producing energy storage solutions that utilize advanced technologies such as lithium-ion batteries to support the energy transition and reduce carbon emissions. Our goal is to provide a reliable means of energy storage for the large-scale application of renewable energy, promote the establishment of a more sustainable and low-carbon energy system, and contribute to the achievement of global climate goals.

Rapid Connection System

Voltsmile’s new RPC system has enabled installing a fast and easy-to- use home energy battery system that can run in just a few minutes.
With this new design, we’ll explore the benefits of a quick installation of a home energy battery system, the components required for installation, and the steps involved in setting up a fast and efficient system that can help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Energy Storage Unit

Home energy storage systems provide an effective solution, allowing homeowners to store excess energy and use it later when needed, the H series is taking a step further. Introducing our high-voltage home energy storage systems with stackable and expandable designs and IP65 IP ratings gives homeowners an even more versatile and reliable option for energy storage.

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Wall-mounted energy storage

The W series battery system carries 10Kwh of renewable energy, and homeowners have a new, more convenient option for storing their energy. These systems are designed to be mounted on walls, making them compact and space-efficient.

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Voltsmile Advantages

We can meet your energy storage needs, provide customized solutions, and solve your problems online at any time, and look forward to our cooperation to bring you more convenience.

Energy Storage Manufacturer

Voltsmiles is a manufacturer specialising in researching, developing, and producing lithium battery storage systems. With the company headquarters located in Shenzhen, and several manufacturing facilities in Huizhou, Jiangxi, Dongguan and market centres in Amsterdam and Dusseldorf. We aim to provide the most satisfactory services with sales and support networks over all continents.

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